Transactions of the Buteshire Natural History Society

Since 1907 the Society has published Transactions – a record of activities and information, articles and papers on the archaeology, history and natural history of Bute and its environs. We aim to publish Transactions every four years. The closing date for receipt of content for the next volume (29) will be during the autumn of 2016.

Guidance for contributors (pdf 430kb)
Cumulative Index volume 1 (1908) to volume 26 (2004) (pdf 137kb)

Contents of volume 27 (2008):

4         Editorial note
5         Excavation of a second short cist on Kildavanan Farm, Bute:  Edwina Proudfoot
23       Blackpark Plantation East, Bute: a very unusual lithic assemblage:  Torben Ballin, Chris Barrowman, John Faithfull
52       Bute Field names on the maps of Peter May, 1780-1:  Angus Hannah
56       The ship’s bells in the Bute Museum: their provenance and history:  Ian Maclagan
69       Biological eponyms among members of the Buteshire Natural History Society: Alexander Patience, Sheina Marshall and Archie Lamont:  Glyn Collis
78       Botanical notes:  Angus Hannah
79       A first list of the Moths of Bute:  Glyn and Dawn Collis
85       Bute Butterflies:  Richard Sutcliffe
86       Some Bat specimens from Bute in Glasgow Museums:  Richard Sutcliffe
87       The Pill Woodlouse, Armadillidium vulgare, at one-time horticultural nursery sites on Bute:  Glyn and Dawn Collis
89       Oak Knopper Galls on Bute:  Glyn and Dawn Collis
91       Ladybirds on Bute:  Glyn and Dawn Collis
92       Recent Observations on Bats and other mammals on Bute:  Billy Shields
94       The ravine and fossil-cliff woodlands of the Kames/Ettrick valley, Bute:  Angus Hannah
99       Evidence of a primaeval forest at Montford in the early Carboniferous:  Elsa Henderson
100     Library Report 2005-2008:  Jean McMillan, librarian and archivist
104     History and Archaeology:  Anne Speirs, curator
106     Natural History Gallery:  Glyn Collis, curator
107     Constitution of the Buteshire Natural History Society (1993)
108     Weather report (2004-2007):  Viv Shelley
113     Transactions of the Buteshire Natural History Society – Subject index to volumes I to XXVI:  prepared by Jean McMillan
129     Transactions of the Buteshire Natural History Society – Author index to volumes I to XXVI:  prepared by Jean McMillan

Contents of volume 28 (2012):

4      Editorial Note: Angus Hannah
5      The Early Bronze Age skull from Mount Stuart: new light on an old problem: Alison Sheridan and Elena Kranioti
10    Isle of Bute Postal Service, a short history: Tom Hart, Margaret Lamb and Jean McMillan
19    History of the Colintraive to Rhubodach ferry: Stewart Redwood
30    The Maritime Rights of the Magistrates of Rothesay: Ian Maclagan
60    A historical description of gold in Bute: Stewart Redwood
62    Cave Spiders and Australian Landhoppers in a small Bute garden: Norrie Mulholland and Glyn Collis
64    The Speckled Wood – a new butterfly for Bute, with a checklist of Bute’s Butterflies: Norrie Mulholland
66    Fritillary Butterflies on Bute: Glyn Collis, Norrie Mulholland and Dawn Collis
70    A Review of Recent Geological Research in Bute: Stewart Redwood
75    Fungal records from the Isle of Bute: Bruce Ing
83    Botanical notes: Angus Hannah
85    An unusual form of a common brown seaweed, Knotted Wrack (Ascophyllum nodosum), found on the shore of Bute: David Peveril
86    Bute birds: highlights of 2012: Doug Menzies, Ian Hopkins and Ronald W Forrester
90    The Discover Bute Landscape Partnership Scheme: a brief retrospective: Angus Hannah
92    Weather Report 2008-2111: Viv Shelley
97    History and Archaeology Gallery – Recent Acquisitions: Anne Speirs
99    Library Report 2008-2012: Jean McMillan
102  Natural History Gallery: Curator’s report: Glyn Collis
103  Review of recent publications relating to BNHS: Angus Hannah
104  Buteshire Natural History Society: General Meetings October 2007 – March 2012: Glyn Collis
105  Presidents of the Buteshire Natural History Society, 1905-2013: Billy Sprowl
106  Obituaries: Elisabeth Johnston MBE, Ivor Gibbs, Jess Sandeman, Marette Grewar