Bute carries a rich flora, reflecting the diversity of habitats it offers. There are few nationally rare plants, but many species find an outpost here on the edge of their range, and the variety to be found in a small area can be astonishing.

At present, about 80 species of liverworts, 200 mosses 650 vascular plants and 750 fungi have been recorded. No systematic survey of lichens is known.

There is much scope for further fieldwork.  Additional records, with the observer’s name (and contact details), date and accurate location will be welcomed at the Museum or by email to NatHist.ButeMuseum@gmail.com .

During the summer months, the Museum has a display of seasonal wild flowers.



The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Bute – a check list with notes (updated 2013) [pdf file] can be downloaded here .

A list of records of Bute Fungi, compiled by Bruce Ing (2012) [pdf file] can be downloaded here .

The Isle of Bute Rare Plants Register (updated 2012) can be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel worksheet (xlsx file) .

NEW!  Flower walks (posted December 2017). A number of excellent flower walks on Bute are described by Roger Connard here http://www.isleofbutewildflowerwalks.co.uk

Other internet resources

The Botanical Society of the British Isles has some useful guides to plant identification here and access to UK-wide distribution maps here.

Carl Farmer’s West Highland Flora is a superb online guide to the “flowering plants and ferns growing wild in the West Highlands of Scotland”, with lots of relevance to Bute’s more restricted flora.

One noteworthy liverwort present on Bute is Riccia huebeneriana, Violet Crystalwort. You can find out more about this species here and here .

Of historical interest: J.H.Dickson on James Robertson and the botany of Bute, 1768 (pdf).