Regular notes on some aspects of the island’s fauna have appeared in Transactions of the Buteshire Natural History Society. The abundance and variety of butterflies, dragonflies and damsel flies is often remarked upon by visitors. Over 300 species of larger moths have been recorded on Bute simce 2007. Ladybirds, Molluscs and Woodlice have also been surveyed.

Seashore and marine life is represented in two cases in the gallery, showing the commoner molluscs and crustacea occurring around the coasts. The island’s mammals are well documented, and is most noteworthy for the abundance of brown hares and roe deer, as well as seals. Birds have been well observed on the island ever since McWilliam published The Birds of the Island of Bute in 1927, and the Museum has a good collection which is refreshed occasionally as circumstances allow. The wide variety of coastal, freshwater, scrub, woodland, wetland and moorland habitats ensures a long list of species. Over 150 may be observed in the course of a year. Faunistic records with the observer’s name (and contact details), date and accurate location will be welcomed at the Museum.