Migrant Arrival Dates For 2013

Species Date Location Observer
Gannet 09 March East Kyles Graham Clark
Manx Shearwater
Osprey  17 March  Loch Fad  Johnie McInairnie
Common Sandpiper  26 April  Ascog-Kerrycroy  C & V Shelley
Lesser Black-backed Gull 18 February Rothesay Castle Ian Hopkins
Sandwich Tern 10 April opp Glenfaulds Paul Power
Cuckoo  15 April Glenmore  Angus Hannah
Swift  10 May Loch Fad Bob Russon
Sand Martin  14 April Loch Ascog  Ian Hopkins
Swallow  13 April Kirk Dam  John Williams
House Martin 07 April Gortans John Williams
Tree Pipit  07 May  Balnakeilly Wood  DM and RF
Redstart  07 May  Balnakeilly Wood  DM Bob Russon
Wheatear 02 April Hawk’s Neb Kilchattan Bay Liz McKirdy
Grasshopper Warbler  26 April Gortans  John Williams
Sedge Warbler  10 May  Kirk Dam  Bob Russon
Garden Warbler
Whitethroat  20 May  Barone Park Farm  Jenny Toop
Wood Warbler  09 May Mountstuart  Bob Russon
Willow Warbler 03 April to rear of Beattie Court Paul Power
Chiff Chaff 07 April Near Kirk Dam Doug Menzies
Spotted Flycatcher  21 May  Balnakeilly Wood  DM, IH, IG
Pied Flycatcher                 . 21 May        .Balnakeilly Wood            . DM, IH, IG


Note – Blackcap removed from migrant list due to a number of overwintering birds now present on Bute