May 2019

30th May

2 Ospreys near Barnauld nest – John Williams

28th May

2 Spotted Flycatchers, one at Croc-an-Raer, one near Kilbride Farm – Ian Hopkins

Osprey at Straad – Mike Dodds

2 Ospreys at Kirk Dam – John Williams

27th May

Peregrine on the spire – Liz McKirdy

25th May

Great Spotted Woodpecker in garden – John Williams

23rd May

Peregrine at Greenan Loch – Neil McKirdy

22nd May

Peregrine at Loch fad – Paul MacTaggart

Whimbrel heard and Jay over airstrip at Kingarth – Ian Hopkins

Osprey a Kirk Dam – Neil McKirdy

21st May

2 Ospreys at Kirk Dam – Paul MacTaggart

19th May

Osprey on moor, Mount Stuart side – John Williams

2nd nest site for Osprey found  – Ian Hopkins and Billy Shields

18th May

Grey Wagtail at Loch Fad – Margaret MacDonald

17th May

Osprey at Loch Fad – John Williams

16th May

Pomerine Skua off Bogany Point – John Williams

15th May

2 Whimbrel above Mid Colmac Farm – Ian Hopkins

30 Guillemots and a flock of Gannets fishing off Glecknabae – Mike Dodds

2 Red-throated Divers and a Whinchat at Bull Loch – Ian Hopkins and John Williams

14th May

Canada Geese with goslings at Ardbeg – Neil McKirdy

Grasshopper Warbler on the Gortans – John Williams

13th may

2 Ospreys at Kirk Dam – John Williams

12th May

Osprey and Golden Eagle at WW2 bunker

Redstart at Balnakeilly Wood – John Williams

Stonechat at Straad – Mike Dodds

10th May

Red-throated Diver off the Fernery – Paul Power

2 Ospreys at Kirk Dam – John Williams

9th May

2 Swifts at Scalpsie road end – Neil McKirdy

8th May

Nuthatch calling below Ardencraig Road – Paul Power

7th may

Whimbrel offshore at Marine Place, Ardbeg

3 Swifts at Ardbeg – Paul Power

4th May

Red-throated Diver, Great Northern Diver,

Peregrine, 11 Golden Plover and 1 Whimbrel at St Ninian’s  Bay- John Williams

Swift over Argyle Place – Ray Eddie

3rd May

Swift at Kerrycroy – Neil McKirdy

“BIG DAY” sightings by Doug, Ron, Ian and Billy

2 Sedge Warblers plus 1 Grasshopper Warbler singing near Chapelton

Blackcaps – 10 singing in Chapelton Wood/Plantation, 5 singing in Mount Stuart Estate, 2 singing in Balnakeilly Wood, 3 singing at Glecknabae plus 1 or 2 others

Cuckoo – calling birds at Chapelton Plantation, Balnakeilly, Scoulag Moor, Glecknabae

Red-throated Diver at Kilchattan Bay

4 Black-tailed Godwit at Quien Loch

White-tailed Eagle at Plan Road. Aged as 2CY (2nd summer) – no sign of rings/wing tags

Stock Dove – 2 between Gallachan Farm and Kerrymenoch Farm

Goosander – 12 at Loch Quien

Coot – 1 at Loch Quien

Swift – 2 at Greenan Loch

White Wagtail – 1+ at St Ninian’s Point

Twite – 1 at St Ninian’s Point

Little Egret over Loch Fad – Doug Menzies

Regular sightings

Gannets and Sandwich Tern over Rothesay Bay