Suffragettes, Rock Art and Rothesay 100 years ago

Examining the cupmarked stones from the museum collection at the Rock Art workshop.

Examining the cupmarked stones from the museum collection.

Anyone who thinks that Bute Museum is a place to take visitors on a wet day needs to think again. Over the last few weeks, the number of different areas of interest covered by events in the Museum has been amazing.

The first school party of the year was from Rothesay Primary and their topic was ‘100 years ago’. They loved handling objects – using the wee butter churn and unlocking the prison door were top favourites.

Then Bernadette Cahill from Canada gave us a fascinating lecture on the Rothesay connection to the suffragette movement. This lecture was given in partnership with Live Argyll and the Museum was packed for the event.

The following day, Tertia Barnett of Historic Environment Scotland held an all day workshop on Rock Art, spending the morning in the Museum and the afternoon outdoors, looking at some of Bute’s many cupmarked stones.

hedwigWe were even able to help out Harry Potter at the Print Point/Rothesay Library event by lending a spare barn owl to double as Hedwig and a Provost’s chair on which to sit while the Sorting Hat allocated your house!