Sue Hothersall’s, Scalpsie bay walk

Saturday 27th April, a morning walk at Scalpsie to look at a Bronze age barrow, Iron age hill fort, Lime kilns, deserted settlement sites and discuss the possibillity of Viking settlements.

Flora of Bute by Angus Hannah

Last Saturday saw the launch of Flora of Bute, by Angus Hannah pictured with Society president Pat O’Sullivan.

Bute Museum WWI joint exhibition with United Church of Bute

To commemorate the centenary of the end of World War I, the museum teamed up with the United Church of Bute to put on an exhibition of artefacts, photographs and information about the war memorials. Against a magnificent backdrop of knitted poppies, many people spent hours reading through Jean McMillan’s meticulous research, which gives a […]

Bute Noir Book meets Museum Artefact No.11

No. 11 in the series: ‘Someone else’s skin’ by Sarah Hilary meets a sealskin on the Touch Table in the Natural History Gallery. The Touch Table is a great way to see and feel things that are commonly found around the island. Compare the skin of a seal to that of an otter, both are […]

Bute Noir Book Meet Museum Artefact No.10

No. 10 in the series ‘The Book of Souls’ by James Oswald meets some books from the Bute Museum Library. It thought it could hide amongst antiquarian books like ‘Bute in Olden Times’ but it was quickly spotted. The library of the Museum contains many interesting old volumes and is also kept current with the […]

Bute Noir Book 2018 Meets Museum Artefact No.9

No 9 in the series – ‘House of Spines’ by Michael J Malone meets a house of wasps. This wasps’ byke or nest in the Natural History Gallery is well worth a close look. It is a fabulous construction of chewed-up wood and is mercifully wasp-free. Michael J. Malone is making a welcome return to […]

Bute Noir Book 2018 Meets Museum Artefact No. 8

No 8 in the series – ‘His Bloody Project’ by Graeme Macrae Burnet meets a fleam. This vet’s blood-letting instrument is from the Museum’s Early farming collection and seems an appropriate match to what must be one of the messiest covers in crime fiction. ‘His Bloody Project’ won the Saltire Fiction Award and was shortlisted […]

Bute Noir Book 2018 meets Museum Artefact No. 7

No.7 in the series – ‘Death Trap’ by Anna Smith meets a mousetrap for three! The museum has an interesting display of early farming items including tools, agricultural medals and this trap for multiple rodent capture. ‘Death Trap’ is one of nine books in the Rosie Gilmour series. Rosie is a gritty Glasgow journalist who […]

Bute Noir Book 2018 meets Museum Artefact No. 6

No.6 in the series – ‘Last Rituals’ by Yrsa Sigurdardottir meets a Bronze Age food vessel. The last rituals for the Bronze Age residents of Bute would be burial with items such as this food vessel found in a cist at Little Kilmory. The Museum has a superb collection of Bronze Age artefacts, including the […]

Bute Noir Book 2018 meets Museum Artefact No.5

No. 5 in the series – ‘Murder lies waiting’ by Alanna Knight meets a souvenir plate depicting Rothesay Castle. A hundred years ago, a visitor to Bute might take home a souvenir such as this Ridgways plate. The museum has a wonderful collection of Bute souvenirs including Mauchline Ware, pottery and jewellery. Alanna Knight’s latest […]