Bute Noir Book meets Museum Artefact No.17

No. 17 (and final one) in the series – ‘Murderabilia’ by Craig Robertson meets some Rothesay souvenirs. Everyone has a hobby – some people collect death while the more sensible prefer a nice cow butter dish which is a present from Rothesay! Craig’s novel ‘Murderabilia’ was longlisted for this year’s Crime Novel of the Year. […]

Bute Noir Book meets Museum Artefact No.16

No.16 in the series – ‘From the cradle’ by Louise Voss & Mark Edwards meets a Mauchline Ware souvenir cradle. Mauchline Ware was produced in Ayrshire for over a hundred years from the early 1800s onwards. They were very popular souvenirs in Britain and even overseas. The museum has a large collection of unusual Rothesay […]

Bute Noir Book meets Museum Artefact No.15

No.15 in the series – ‘The Beauty of Murder’ by AK Benedict meets a powder compact frae Rothesay. No self-respecting beauty would go out without a compact of loose powder in her handbag and a souvenir compact frae Rothesay would be just the thing to remind you of your holiday doon the water. ‘The Beauty […]

Bute Noir Book meets Museum Artefact No.14

No.14 in the series – ‘The Dead Beat’ by Doug Johnstone meets two constable’s batons from the ‘Trades and Professions’ case. One is from the Bute Constabulary and the other, with the town crest, is from the Rothesay Police force. ‘The Dead Beat’ is one of 8 novels by Doug Johnstone who will be appearing […]

Bute Noir Book Meets Museum Artefact No.13

No.13 in the series – Black Wood by SJI Holliday meets some black wood on the Museum Touch Table. Museums are about finding out  what is around us and the Touch Table in the Natural History Gallery gives visitors a chance to see, touch and identify objects that they may come across on the shores […]

Bute Noir Book meets Museum Artefact No.12

‘Deep Down Dead’ by Steph Broadribb meets a Deep Down Diving midget submarine. HMS Varbel (The Kyles Hydro at Port Bannatyne) was the operational base for midget submarine training during WWII. The Museum has a collection of items from the X crafts, including the bell from HMS Varbel. ‘Deep Down Dead’ is the debut novel […]

Bute Noir Book meets Museum Artefact No.11

No.11 in the series – ‘The Killing Season’ by Mason Cross meets some rather nervous game birds in the Natural History Gallery. The birds in this case are set against a beautiful woodland background painted by local artist Charles Murray. ‘The Killing Season’ is the first of four books in the Carter Blake thriller series […]

Bute Noir Book meets Museum Artefact No. 10

No. 10 in the series – ‘Driftnet’ by Lin Anderson meets tarry rope, floats and a net-mending tool from the Fishing Case. Rothesay was a busy fishing port at one time, especially in the herring season. Lin Anderson is the creator of the popular  series about forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod.   She will be appearing […]

Bute Noir Book meets Museum Artefact No.9

No. 9 in the series – ‘The Cross’ by Steve Cavanagh meets the Inchmarnock Cross. This massive cruciform stone is one of a collection of Early Medieval carved stones from the chapel site on Inchmarnock. ‘The Cross’ by Steve Cavanagh is a novella featuring criminal attorney Eddie Flynn, who is also the central character in three novels, […]

Bute Noir Book meets Museum Artefact No. 8

No. 8 in the series – ‘Bitter Moon’ by Alexandra Sokoloff meets a cachet machine and box of wafer papers. Victorian pharmacists used a machine like this one to make a cachet (rather like a sherbet flying saucer) to make bitter medicine easier to swallow. ‘Bitter Moon’ is the 4th book in the wonderful Huntress […]