Tuesday 9th July visit to Bat roost

Meet at the Museum 21.00. we will then car share and drive to view an active bat roost. Leader Billy Shields (504931).

Roger’s wild flower walk

Roger Connard (500390) is leading a wild flower walk this coming Saturday along the Tramway track to Ettrick bay. Meet at St Colmac’s cemetery car park 10 am.

Bute Noir 2019 book meets Museum Artefact No. 10

No.10 in the series. ‘Standing Still’ by Caro Ramsay meets a standing stone in the History Gallery. This Early Christian stone came from the island of Inchmarnock and is one of a number of carved stones in the Museum’s collection. ‘Standing Still’ by Caro Ramsay is the 8th in the celebrated Anderson and Costello series. […]

Bute Noir 2019 book meets Museum Artefact No. 9

No. 9 in the series. ‘The End of the Wasp season’ by Denise Mina meets a wasp’s bike in the Natural History Gallery. A wasp’s nest, or bike as it is known in Scotland, is an amazing piece of construction. The example in the Museum can be studied close up without fear of being stung. […]

Bute Noir 2019 book meets Museum Artefact No. 8

No. 8 in the series. ‘Killed’ by Thomas Enger meets a sword from the Museum’s reserve collection. There are two swords on display in the Museum, both found at Rothesay Castle. This sword has no known provenance so it can be carefully handled by visiting children studying the history of Bute. ‘Killed’ by Thomas Enger […]

Bute Noir 2019 book meets Museum Artefact No. 7

No. 7 in the series ‘In for the Kill’ by Ed James meets a barn owl, which certainly looks as if it is ‘in for the kill’. The owl is part of the Natural History collection, which is a good way of seeing the flora and fauna of the island up close. Ed James has […]

Bute Noir 2019 book meets Museum Artefact No. 6

No.6 in the series. ‘Cold Granite’ by Stuart McBride meets a cup-marked stone from the Museum’s archaeology collection. These enigmatic carved stones date back thousands of years and are fairly numerous on Bute, especially on the hard, grey schist at the north end of the island (which is north of the Highland Boundary Fault.) ‘Cold […]

Bute Noir 2019 book meets Museum Artefact No. 5

No. 5 in the series. ‘The Stalker’ by Alex Gray meets the wildflower display in the Natural History Gallery (plenty of stalks here). Throughout the summer months a dedicated team of volunteers maintain this display. It is a perfect way for visitors to identify the common flowers in the Bute countryside. The Stalker is the […]

Bute Noir book 2019 meets Museum Artefact No.4

No. 4 in the series. ‘The Turn of the Key’ by Ruth Ware meets a hefty padlock from the Museum history collection. This once secured a door in the tolbooth, a building which once stood in the High Street, Rothesay. ‘The Turn of the Key’ is the latest of Ruth Ware’s brilliantly plotted mysteries (due […]

Bute Noir book 2019 meets Museum Artefact No.3

No. 3 in the series ‘Song of the Dead’ by Douglas Lindsay meets a 1930s song sheet from the archives of the Museum. What could be more appropriate for a book festival than Nat Bookbinder and his Chapters? They were the band in residence for the first season of Rothesay Pavilion, which opened in 1938. […]